Welcome to my private website!

This is all about kites that are flown with one, two or even more lines !

It is about kites I bought, kites I made (and still make) and about the designing of kites, their evolution and about building and upgrading and general help.

First, I will show all my kites with a picture and some comment (I hope to impement an album function later on for higher resolution photos),
second, I write a bit about Indoor kiting,
third, I have some trips and tricks in the DIY section and
fourth, I do collect the setup data of my kites and publish them here.

And yes, there are even some Videos to watch or download!
Up to now, mostly indoor videos and of my "Project One" kite, but I will really try and ad some more, especially if I get my "Project Two" up and running ...

This website does not use any Google tools, nor Google analytics or any Facebooks stuff whatsoever.
ALL the copyright of the content of this website belongs to me and only me.
Nor do I even have external links on my pages.
No user data is saved at all. That is why there is not even a contact form.

All because of "user privacy laws" (especially the new European ones) ...

One more thing .... these webpages are best viewed on 1920 x 1080 pixels !