Krystal 0.9

The Krystal 0.9 std

The 0.9 is a smaller Version of the original Krystal from R-Sky. And no .. it is NOT a  Krystal FX - that kite is even smaller, with just 210 cm Wingspan.
This is a version of the Krystal you do not see to often ... it feels "heavy", the standoffs are short (for a trick kite), it starts early and gets fast some serieous pull.
If I ever see a ul-version I will have to try that one! At the beach this one starts to fly and tricks quite nicely from 6 km/h (4 mph)  on!

Wingspan: 245 cm, Height: 94 cm, Keel length: 94 cm, Weight: 320 gr.

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